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Cube Vac System

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The suction of a duct truck at a fraction of the cost.

World's greatest Duct Cleaning equipment just got better, check out our new High powered “Cube Van Vac system” designed for Trailers and Box trucks. A vac system that is so powerful it competes in the same league as regular duct cleaning trucks while being far less expensive to buy and operate.


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Small compact system, fits into simple trailer or box truck



Heavy Duty Steel/Aluminum construction



Slide out filter box. Bags blow up into the air, giving your customers an impressive show. The bags also slide out of the unit to avoid dust build ups inside your trailer/box truck.



Supreme suction, compares to any duct truck in the field.



HAVAC Structure generates suction using our exclusive HAVAC Vac systems proven to be effective and reliable.



Easy Drain oil lines make maintenance easy.


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