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Duct Cleaning inspection camera BIC

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See, Clean, Impress

The Basic Inspection Camera (BIC) from Hypervac is the high-quality affordable option when it comes to our duct inspection cameras. Made in America for any US home and business, the BIC gives Duct Cleaners the ability to use a high-quality camera without breaking the bank.

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Basic Inspection Camera Kit:

Unlike the Cobraview, which can use a variety of different agitation tips to blow debris, the BIC is strictly a camera only to view dust and debris that plagues the average vent duct. Built by duct cleaners for duct cleaners, complete with a sturdy toolbox that can easily hold every accessory needed to operate the BIC.





The all in one BIC package comes with a camera, screen and video recorder easily used in any typical American home or business. 13Kg in weight the BIC is light in order to cater to any type of duct cleaning business.

  • 380x260x150MM (LxWxH)
  • Box Color Black



Write down important notes on screen while watching your duct footage using the BIC keyboard. Included with the accessories is a high-quality wireless keyboard that gives you the option to type out notes on any job.



Fit with a 7” super bright LCD screen that can be flipped up or down to suit any viewing angle that best suits you. The monitor is placed inside the toolbox surrounded by a protective casing that guards it from the wear and tear of a typical duct cleaning job.

  • H.264 video encoding for easy file transfer
  • Supports SD memory cards up to 32GB
  • 6-8 hours charge time along with the ability to use while being charged



With a 120-degree view angle the 720p resolution camera provides video playback and recording that helps you gain the upper hand at every job. Many homes in the United States can be old or unique in many ways which can at times, cause a headache for a job. Using up to 40 meters of cable to weave and watch every duct. Save time and money while avoiding a wide range of duct cleaning issues with the BIC. Upgraded with 4 levels of bright LED levels, the camera can view long lengths down the ducts to see into those dark corners.

  • 23mmx45mm camera
  • 150mm lens length
  • DC12v power supply
  • 20/30/40 Meter cord lengths
  • easy use wind up wheel
  • attachable camera head guide


Stop guessing on your duct cleaning jobs and start guaranteeing, with the Basic Inspection Camera by Hypervac. Americas Leading Duct Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer.


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