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Industrial Vacuum

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There are times when your duct cleaning and you need a Good solid industrial vacuum is needed for contact surface cleaning of the ducts as well as having a good vacuum around to clean the surrounding work areas when you get the area dirty from lifting ceiling tiles etc .

The Hypervac INDY Wet/Dry industrial vacuum is a machine that works hard and does the job right. It can inhale up to 170 Liters of water in sixty seconds. With an air displacement of around 125 CFM at over 90 PSI it can give out a static h20 lift of around 170”. With a proven efficiency in the maintenance industry, this vacuum is reliable in all ways. Whether your cleaning oil, powders, metals or even coolants, this vacuum delivers efficiently and without harm. The AV-1200 can be used on a variety of stainless-steel tanks including 15 gallon, 30 and 55 gallon drums. The standard version comes with 15-gallon stainless-steel tank.

NO duct cleaning equipment package is complete without the Hypervac Indy Vac .

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    •  up to 170 Liters of water in sixty seconds
    • air displacement of around 125 CFM at over 90 PSI
    • static h20 lift of around 170”
    • Comes with 15-gallon stainless-steel tank. (The AV-1200 can also be used on 30 and 55 gallon stainless-steel drums)


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