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Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Havac Half ton Duct Truck

The Duct Truck that fits in your Half Ton

The incredible suction power of a duct truck is now available in a smaller lighter more compact system that fits into the back of a standard half ton truck. The Havac is only 30″ wide leaving more than enough room for a gas powered compressor and hose storage.


The Hurican gas powered vacuum system is powerful enough to simply leave in your van or for the really big jobs is portable enough to use on site.

The Hurican works great for air duct cleaning, insulation removal, leaf pick up, pretty much anything that can be sucked up. Your choice of a big bag, or our unique filter box system which uses smaller bags. Each system has there own merits and should be decided on by the way you like to work and the space requirements in your vehicle.

H1 Trailer

The suction of a duct truck at a fraction of the cost.

The duct truck shows your customer you mean business. Now you can have that same presence without giving up suction or breaking the bank with our new broken down version of the H1 Duct Truck now in trailer form. This unit includes everything you expect from the H1, but has the advantages of a trailer. Keep your truck for personal use while leaving your work behind – you won’t have to haul around a large Duct Truck every time you need to make a quick errand.

Duct Cleaning inspection camera BIC

Introducing the BIC duct cleaning inspection camera. 

Good all around video camera package , for inspection of ventilation ducts, dryer vents , etc

Revolution 360 Duct Vacuum

The Revolution 360 is designed by people who actually do duct cleaning we know how important factors such as size and weight can be on a job.

The Revolution 360 is no ordinary portable. The 220 Volt 360 Offers double the suction of most other portables, meaning you will get suction comparable to what many duct trucks are providing at the furnace while getting all the cost saving advantages of a portable duct vacuum. The power of a duct truck in a vac the size of your coffee table.

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