Back of the H1 & H2 Duct Truck

August 22, 2016 by Jim Thomson - No Comments

The H1/H2 Duct Trucks have a safety ladder to get on the roof for the full length ladder rack on the top. On the top we have a safety cat walk with grip to prevent falls. The ladder rung isn’t just a 1×1 bar, it has the safety grip, it is made of steel and powder coated.

Made in Canada.

Made in Canada.

All our bumpers are our own custom Hypervac bumpers, stainless steel with grip tape.

H2 Duct Truck

From above, you can see the safety catwalk, safety grip on the ladder rung and the bumper below with grip tape.

H1 Duct Truck

The Hypervac Bumper

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