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Hack Duct Cleaning Equipment
You may have seen them and not even known they were supposed to be for duct cleaning.25 years ago the main method for professional duct cleaning was the Power Vac Truck, and there of course were always the guys we called the “hack” duct cleaners trying to pass themselves off as profession ...
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50 years ago the most acceptable method of duct cleaning was to use a big duct truck, tie in an 8” hose and bang the ducting with a hammer and when possible throw a broom down and pull back the debris into the vac hose.Then along came air pressure to the duct trucks and the cleaning quality ...
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Various hvac filters
You will find other vac units that cost less, but be careful, what you are willing to sacrifice to save.After a little investigating you’ll probably find the cheaper units weigh a lot more meaning you will always need extra labor, have half the suction meaning it will take longer and at the ...
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Cobraview forward skip ball
There are a lot of tools for agitating debris inside the ducts:There are the old faith full tools known as a reverse skip line, forward skip line and a blow gun, these 3 tools are must haves, you simply can do duct cleaning with out them. Then there are the more advanced cleaning tools, the b ...
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Small and Big Impeller
Sorry, not even close. Placing 2 vacuum impellers inside of one cabinet in theory seems like a good idea, unfortunately thew laws of physics don’t quite agree.Its true it will increase the suction but only slightly. The general theory of suction in simple terms will state that when using 2 ...
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