Clean Out Bin on the H1/H2 Duct Truck

August 17, 2016 by Jim Thomson - No Comments
Professional Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

The blue Easy Clean Out Bin can be seen from the drivers side in the engine bay.

The middle compartment is your engine bay with your easy clean out dirt bin.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

A close up of the Easy Clean Out Bin.

We got rid of the old traditional style dirt bins that you see in the old conventional style duct trucks for a couple of reasons. The first thing is they rust, you’ve got all that dirt sitting in a bin and it rains and the water gets into the bags and creeps into the loads and loads of dirt and then the moisture just sits in there and rots and rots and rots. Within two or three years you’ve got a beautiful $100,000 duct truck that’s completely rotten and rusting from the inside.

Duct Truck

This old style Duct Truck can hold a lot of dirt, but can lead to unnecessary extra weight and hassle.

So to do away with all that, all your dust and debris gets filtered out through your filter bag up on the roof but then it all drops into your storage bin.

Professional Duct Cleaning Equipment

The dirt and debris falls down into the bin after being sucked in with the HAVAC vacuum system

All you have to do is throw a garbage bag in there and empty it every 2-4 weeks and it’s clean, simple and there’s no more trips to the dump.  No more dump fees you have to pay, so it’s economical, it saves you money and it saves you time because you’re not driving out to the dump. Most importantly, those old bins were famous for holding 800 – 1,000 lbs of dirt which is great because you only have to go to the dump twice a year, but does it make sense to really be driving around with a thousand pounds of your customers dirt – think of the extra money you are spending in fuel bills every day, and how about that extra thousand pounds your packing on in terms of your breaks and the wear and tear on the transmission, all the things that go along with that extra weight. It just doesn’t make sense to be hauling around 6 months worth of dirt every day, when you can just empty it out every couple of weeks. So that’s the easy clean out bin, it saves you money, it’s a plastic container that doesn’t rust, and it’s easy to change.

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