H1 Duct Truck vs H2 Duct Truck

Comparing the H1 and H2 Duct Truck – Professional Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

An H1 Duct Truck is built specifically for the heavier chassis- the truck chassis. It’s 6 inches wider than an H2 and it’s built to go on the 1 ton dually such as the GM, the Ford, the Chevy, the Mitsubishi, the Hino, the Cab overs, and it’s basically your big heavy duty set up.

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The H2 is still a heavy duty set up, but the looks on it are actually deceiving. Even though this box is 6 inches narrower, some people actually think it looks smaller than a typical duct cleaning truck, but in reality it’s still the exact same height and everything else is the same, it’s just a little bit narrower.

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The nice thing about these H2 trucks is that you can put them on the new modern platforms, such as the van cabs, the Dodge Promasters, the Ford Transits and the Mercedes Sprinters.

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They save you a ton of money in terms of economy, they are cheaper to buy, cheaper to operate with little V-6 engines and they are also smaller, so they can get into tighter spaces. If you have old streets, old neighborhoods and older cities, it’s pretty hard to get some of these big trucks down those streets or even on drive ways – that’s where the H2 plays that role.

So to sum up the differences between the H1 and H2? 6inches of width and different choice of chassis. Everything else remains the same.

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