H1 H2 Duct Truck

Opening the Bag Doors on the H1 and H2 Duct Truck

One of the best features of the new H1 and H2 Duct Truck, is that you no longer have to get on the roof to open and close your bag doors.

We looked at using fancy lifting actuation mechanisms, motors and tracks to make things slide back and forth etc. But each design seemed to be flowed – for example, with tracks you can get ice caught in the tracks and they won’t open and close in the winter time, especially if you are running it in the snow, and there are extra levels of complications every time you add a motor or a switch or things like that, so we solved all of those problems by doing something really simple: we got a pole. And so all you do is you take the pole, push up on the bag door and you let the gas shocks do the work.

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As seen here, the bag door is pushed open with the help of a simple pole.

Done. Now your bag door is open. And then to close it, we put a step here.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Equipment
This step allows you to easily step up and push any out of place bag back into position, ready for closing the bag door.

The bags don’t always fall perfectly in spot, so you throw your bags in place.

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Throw the bags back to close the bag door without catching the bags.

Quick and easy. Once they are there, just pull down your strap.

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Pulling the strap all the way down will close the bag door.

Then you lock your strap down and you are good to go.

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment
Hook the strap to lock it down, and the strap on this truck was designed to tighten after locking it down to secure the bag door.

The bag door has been opened and closed and you never had to get on the roof once. There’s no risk of falling anymore, and it’s especially helpful if you are going on oil sites, or special jobs where they make you wear fall restraints. So no more fall restraints, none of that. Quick and easy.

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