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job training duct truck
Air Duct Cleaning Training is run by Charles Ellison, and he is one of the best resources for air duct cleaners. Charles created Air Duct Cleaning Training because he cares about air duct cleaning entrepreneurs. He has met countless aspiring duct cleaning entrepreneurs over the ye ...
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multiple duct trucks parked in ouse
Celebrating its 250 truck of the line, each truck custom built and made to order, it hasn’t been easy, and it was a little rocky of the start but changing the industry was never going to be a simple task.Coming from a 40 Year long history of doing residential and large commercial HVAC cleaning our ...
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duct truck green whole truck view
Seen below is the Aluminum Box under construction for the H1 Duct Cleaning Truck. The plastic sticker will be peeled off before powder coating:Date Taken: March 11th 2014The H1 Duct Truck aluminum box under construction, seen from the rear view (image below). The open space will be the back doors wh ...
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One of the best features of the new H1 and H2 Duct Truck, is that you no longer have to get on the roof to open and close your bag doors.We looked at using fancy lifting actuation mechanisms, motors and tracks to make things slide back and forth etc. But each design seemed to be flowed - for example ...
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The blue Easy Clean Out Bin can be seen from the drivers side in the engine bay.The middle compartment is your engine bay with your easy clean out dirt bin.A close up of the Easy Clean Out Bin.We got rid of the old traditional style dirt bins that you see in the old conventional style duct trucks f ...
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