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On the passengers side of the engine bay, we have the air compressor and a standard self aligning hose reel (comes standard, not an option). On the control panel we have an interior lighting switch and exterior lighting switch, very basic, simple to use. The Honda Engine has its own tach and hour me ...
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The Slide Out Cargo Bed is strictly an option, it's not something we normally do or put in these trucks - some people find value in them and some people don't. Basically it slides out and is designed to hold one of our portables on the bottom shelf, and the nice thing about it is that if you have hu ...
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The LED Lighting on the back of the H1/H2 Duct TruckWe put a spotlight on the back so that if you are working at late, or if it gets dark early in wintertime, you can turn on your outside lights. You can also get lights on the side as an option if you need to and it will light up the whole area aro ...
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