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The blue Easy Clean Out Bin can be seen from the drivers side in the engine bay.The middle compartment is your engine bay with your easy clean out dirt bin.A close up of the Easy Clean Out Bin.We got rid of the old traditional style dirt bins that you see in the old conventional style duct trucks f ...
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Here at Hypervac Technologies, we know how important storage is to air duct cleaning companies. You can see a slide out cargo bed below, which is kind of a luxury item, we don't normally make it on a lot of trucks. It can slide out so that you don't have to get into your truck to grab your stuff out ...
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An H1 Duct Truck is built specifically for the heavier chassis- the truck chassis. It's 6 inches wider than an H2 and it's built to go on the 1 ton dually such as the GM, the Ford, the Chevy, the Mitsubishi, the Hino, the Cab overs, and it's basically your big heavy duty set up.The H2 is still a hea ...
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