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Revolution Hybrid Duct Vacuum

7 Reviews

Double the Suction

The Revolution Hybrid, it’s no ordinary portable duct cleaning vacuum system. View the video and see for yourself!

Pricing ranges from $3295 – $5995.00 USD

Pricing varies by country, exchange rates and options

(7 customer reviews)

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The single most important aspect of a duct cleaning vacuum. It’s True, Most portables don’t offer enough suction to do a good job in a profitable time frame. The Revolution Hybrid is no ordinary portable.

The 220 Volt Hybrid Offers double the suction of most other portables, meaning you will get suction comparable to what many duct trucks are providing at the furnace while getting all the cost saving advantages of a portable duct vacuum. The power of a duct truck in a vac the size of your coffee table.




Designed by people who actually do duct cleaning. Ever looked at other portables and wondered how on earth you would get the unit into a house and down a flight of stairs?

The Hybrid is designed by people who actually do duct cleaning. We know how important factors such as size and weight can be on a job. At just 22” in diameter it fits through any door way and it can break apart easily to get into tight spaces. The 12” wheels don’t get caught up on stair treads so its easy to get up and down stairs. The Hybrid’s design is unique in that it works just as well upright or laying on its back.



Save Labour costs:

A true one man operation. The 2 piece design means you won’t need 2 people on a job just to get the vac into a house.

The vac easily brakes apart and can be carried if needed, even the handle slides out for compact storage in your van or you can pack it in a duct truck hose compartment.



Re-usable filtration:

Available with 2 filtration options, MERV 16 and full HEPA MERV 17.

Better for the environment, sweet on the wallet. Our filters have been made specifically for our vacuums, all 3 stages are designed to be cleaned and reused hundreds of times. Also available in full H.E.P.A. filtration.

You won’t be throwing filters into landfills and you save in not having to buy replacement filters every month. Many of clients get 500 even up to 1000 + uses out of one of our Nano-fibre filter cartridges, cost per use …maybe a nickel each time.


Don’t get caught in the trap, yes, you will find other vacuum units that cost less, but be careful what your willing to sacrifice to save a few bucks.

After a little investigating you’ll probably find the cheaper units weigh a lot more meaning you will always need extra labor, have half the suction, meaning it will take longer and at the end of the day end up costing you far more.

The cheaper units use much lower quality filtration systems that usually have to be replaced far sooner, you‘ll constantly be replacing expensive filter banks as well as paying more to the courier who delivers every month. Many of our clients that have switched to the Revolution vacuums have saved a lot of money in filter costs.



Revolution HYBRID 120 Volt Budget model – $4495

Prices vary due to currency exchange rates. Call for exact pricing.

  • Weight: 115 LBS
  • Suction 2700 CFM
  • Power, 115/120 Volts
  • Amps: 12.5
  • Static Pressure 3.89″
  • wheels: 12″

Revolution HYBRID 120 Volt PRO model – $4995

Prices vary due to currency exchange rates. Call for exact pricing.

  • Weight: 120 LBS
  • Suction: 3000 CFM
  • Power, 208/220 Volts
  • Amps: 12.5
  • Static Pressure 6.89″
  • wheels: 12″

220 Volt Variable Speed Revolution HYBRID – $5995

Prices vary due to currency exchange rates. Call for exact pricing.

  • Weight: 153 LBS
  • Suction 0- 5000 CFM
  • Power, 208/220 Volts
  • Amps: 12.5
  • Static Pressure 6.89″
  • wheels: 12″

7 reviews for Revolution Hybrid Duct Vacuum

  1. Thomas zaugg

    I swear by these. Absolutely incredible to work with. With a single person doing the job we’re able to “partner up” and give the individual a percentage instead of an hourly wage. It motivates sales, instills good work ethic, and creates a win for us, our employees and our customers. Could not do that without this equipment.

  2. Peter Gidzak

    amazing piece of equipment! has helped me keep costs down, very easy to work with, very reliable, has never failed me. on top of that, every customer has loved the idea of this. they love seeing everything we took out.

    as for commercial jobs, I’ve done several schools with this unit! it just gets to places the trucks can’t reach.This unit has been the key to my business’s success.

  3. Peter Gidzak

    amazing piece of equipment! has really helped keep costs down, customers love the idea of it. I’ve been able to clean several schools for a division with this unit. It has definitely been the key to my business’s success.

  4. Joseph reynolds

    The best on the market !!!!! I love this Vac. It has done everything it was suppose to and more!!!. The owners and staff are great>

  5. Keith my furnace guy

    I have 30 years of experience in the industry using all different types of trucks , portables, equipment.

    I’ve used the Revolution the past 3 years and have won multiple awards in my market using this revolutionary furnace vent and duct cleaning equipment.

    It’s Alberta made. Canadian made. By a company never satisfied with today’s standards and consistency. Ever improving is the name of the game in the HVAC world .

    I would never buy from another company based on my entire experience with this product and the people behind it .

    Outperforms the abatement, caddy vac, builtwell, Pringle, name it .

    Love love love after 3 years 21 thousand jobs and counting Hypervac.

  6. Perry Covello

    I just want to thank you for the two machines we bought they are as good as you said.


    Perry Covello

    Covello’s Pacific AirCare, Inc.
    Phone: (714) 469-1757
    Fax: (951) 977-8641

  7. Energy Home Service Corp

    We purchased The hybrid duct vacuum about two years ago and never had any issues after completing hundreds of jobs

    Jim is a great person to deal with if have questions, its Canadian made equipment and great people behind the product .
    I would highly recommend their machines as they very reliable and efficient and was designed by people that did duct cleaning for living .
    We did recommend them to many friends, wish you guys all the best .

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