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We would like to thank all those great companies who came to see us at the NADCA show in Phoenix.Click here to see some pictures from the show.

NEXT SHOW: Come see us at the AHR Show in Las Vegas Jan 2017 and the NADCA show in Orlando, Florida March 2017.

For over 30 years Hypervac Technologies has been pioneering the air duct cleaning industry. We understand that knowledge and the best

duct cleaning equipment

are the two most important aspects of your business. Equipped with our tools and product training, we aim to make you the best in the industry.
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Our Services

  • Training


    We provide "How to" videos for our equipment, Industry related articles, and all of our Duct Cleaning Equipment User Manuals.
    Video Marketing

    Video Marketing

    Start marketing your business with high quality customized duct cleaning videos that will be branded with your company logo.
    Web Design

    Web Design

    Let us build a website for your duct cleaning business.  A professional online presence is essential for a powerful first impression.

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Customer Testimonials

  • Owner/Operator

    "Hybrid Duct Vacuum. I swear by these. Absolutely incredible to work with. With a single person doing the job we're able to "partner up" and give the individual a percentage instead of an hourly wage. It motivates sales, instils good work ethic, and creates a win for us, our employees and our customers. Could not do that without this equipment"

    Thomas zaugg, Owner/Operator
  • Owner/Operator

    "Absolutely refreshing , I've been duct cleaning for over 20 years , 20 minutes on the phone with Jim and I actually learned a lot about duct cleaning that I never knew , They have good perspectives not just on duct cleaning equipment but also about the industry too, And too think all these years I was using zone bags when the foam bag trick works just as well and they don't pop. ."

    Don Shearer, Owner/Operator
  • Owner/Operator

    "Bought a 220 Volt Hybrid , works great , has way more suction then my old tank of a portable and the filters seem to be going on forever , been almost 2 years and have yet had to replace them."

    Jeff Hudson, Owner/Operator
  • Vital Furnace & Duct Cleaning

    "I just wanted to let you guys know that i love this unit! I've never had any issues with suction, which i find especially amazing since i'm used to working with truck mounts which are "rated" for 16,000 cfm. I can't thank you enough for building such a high quality machine. The mobility of this vacuum is unparalleled. In fact, i just finished cleaning the ductwork for a 26,000 sq ft school. sure i had to empty the filter a couple of times, but i'd take that over high maintenance costs any day.
    Thank you again."

    Peter Gidzak, Vital Furnace & Duct Cleaning