Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools

Dryer Caddy TL132

8- 3/8″ dia. x 3′ TorqueFlex Solid Nylon Rods (SNR10-SS)
4- 5/16″ dia. x 3′ Solid Nylon Flex Rods (SNR08-SS)
1- 5/16″ dia. x 24″ Starter Rods (SNR08-SS2)
1- 4″ dia. Auger Brush (AB04)
1- 4 3/4″ dia. Stainless Steel Brush
1- 3″ dia. Propeller Brush (PB03)
1- 4″ dia. Propeller Brush (PB04)
1- 6″ dia. Propeller Brush (PB06)
1- 4″ dia. Auger Brush (AB04)
1- Lint Trap Brush (LTB)
1- 10″ Spring Leader (SL10)
1- Nest Removal Tool (RTN04-A)
1- Blockage Removal Tool (BRT01)
1- Noise Maker (NM04)
1- Vacuum to 4″ Dryer Vent Adapter (VA04)
1- Drill Adapter (DA600)
1- 3′ Rod Caddy (RCAD03)

Lint Collector Mount TL133

10″ x 10″ Flange Mount for the LintCollector Bag

Attaches in seconds with the included 12″ bar clamp.
Simply slip the LintCollector Bag over the retainer angles
and sinch the drawstring. Place the mount over
over the vent and use the clamp to hold in place
Slide the clap down onto the hood and tighten slightly
as to not damage the hood

Lint Elbow TL134

Friction fit Plastic Elbow with Mounting Flange to Hold the
LintCollector Bag

The Elbow has the perfect size extension to snug fit into
the vent with O rings to help seal around the extension. It
also has a rubber pass through cover on the back side of
the elbow to help prevent lint from blowing back through
the opening.
Works with all wall vent covers and louvered vent

LintCollector Bag with 2-Way Zipper and Drawstring TL135

This breathable bag will catch the lint that is being blown out of the vent. The 2-way zipper allows you to enter your rods or reverse skipper at different heights.

  • Prevents lint from blowing everywhere (especially all over you)
  • Eliminates the mess
  • Eliminates cleanup
  • Saves you time and money
  • Drawstring for quick attachment. Measures 10″W x 36″L

Flex Caddy TL136

This kit is specifically designed for rotary cleaning 6” to 10” diameter flex duct.

The kit includes a mix of super flexible 5/16” dia. white rods and a
spring leader to easily navigate multiple turns. The kit also includes our new TorqueFlex rods that are also extremely flexible but provide more torque ability for longer runs.

The 7” soft DusterBrush is ideal for 6” and 7” flex duct and provides a nice wiping action in the flex without the fear of tearing the flex lining.

Duct Caddy TL137

A complete brushing kit that enables exceptional results
in HVAC vent applications