Trailer Vac

your trailer. hypervac technology

Tailor Made Solution:

The TrailerVac is all the performance in a DIY package ready to be installed in a box truck or trailer.

Easy Maintenance:

The Vacuum is powered by a 35 HP Big block Briggs engine coupled to a 21” closed face fan with a fluid coupling device. Provisions for greasing the bearings, checking the air filter, and changing the oil are systematically placed making maintenance a breeze.

Efficient Cooling:

The vacuum is fully enclosed with a cooling system designed to extract heat out the back door of your application. Exhaust is designed to be routed out the wall to eliminate heat and unwanted carbon monoxide.

Professionally Installed:

The filtration system is mounted on the roof of your application with 5 Filtration bags that get stored in a hinged bag house. Debris is captured in a plastic clean out tub inside the unit.
Mounting the rooftop baghouse is captured nicely in this video.


43.7 CFM@175psi 20hp Honda GX630

  • Fuel cell
    • 20gal with external fill
  • 16″ Fan
    • Louvers
    • Relay kit
  • Battery Kit
    • Battery Box
    • Battery Cables
  • Exhaust Kit
    • Manifold
    • Flex Pipe
    • Muffler
  • Rain Cap