Green H1 Duct Truck

Seen below is the Aluminum Box under construction for the H1 Duct Cleaning Truck. The plastic sticker will be peeled off before powder coating:

Date Taken: March 11th 2014

The H1 Duct Truck aluminum box under construction, seen from the rear view (image below). The open space will be the back doors where the vacuum hose will be stored, as well as the hook up  for the vacuum:

Date Taken: March 11th 2014

The aluminum construction on the H1 allows for a smaller chassis, less wear and tear on the vehicle and lower fuel costs. As seen in the picture below, the H1 Duct Truck box is under construction in the welding shop. Once complete, it will be powder coated and the HAVAC gas powered vacuum system will be installed:

Date Taken: March 11th 2014

Some of the custom work done on this version of the H1 Duct Truck include the underbody storage boxes, as seen in the lower portion of this photo:

Date Taken: March 11th 2014

The opening on the right side of this photo will be used for a slide out storage bay, while the left side opening will be the main area of operation for starting your compressor and HAVAC gas powered vacuum:

Date Taken: March 11th 2014

Inside the aluminum box of the H1 Duct Truck, the roof can be seen with holes where the air bags will be once completed:

Date Taken: March 11th 2014

The ceiling of the H1 box is reinforced for strength:

Date Taken: March 11th 2014

After Powder Coating, the H1 Duct Truck box is beginning to take shape:

Date Taken: April 17th 2014

Photo taken after completion of the green H1 truck:

Green Truck Complete
Date Taken: May 15th 2014

The image below image shows the custom option of underbody storage boxes. New H1 trucks or H2 models do not offer this feature:

Green Truck Complete Underbody Storage Boxes
Date Taken: May 15th 2014

This model of the H1 was designed with a slide out storage area. This feature is still an option in the new H1 and H2 duct trucks:

Green Truck Complete Slide out Storage
Date Taken: May 15th 2014
Fancy Slide Out Storage Bay
Date Taken: May 15th 2014

As seen in this image, the H1 Truck came with 2 Easy Clean Out Bins. As newer models were created, Hypervac phased out the dual bin design in favor of more space, less weight and simplicity:

Green Truck Complete Easy Clean Out Bins
Date Taken: May 15th 2014

The H1 Duct Cleaning Truck has completely redesigned the Duct Cleaning truck from the ground up. Fuel savings, repair costs, weight, dirt bin and extra storage space were all improved in the original H1 Duct Truck design.

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