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Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Air Scrubber

Homel Line Pure Air By Hypervac , The Hypervac Air Purity unit excels in removing know or unknown contaminants that move through the air. Specialized for increasing the air quality for families or employees in a business, this Hypervac Air Purity unit is highly beneficial to all that use it.

Household Central Vacuum

Hypervac Home Line, Now Hypervac Tech is more than just duct cleaning equipment, Introducing the new line of Vacuums designed for your home.

Industrial Vacuum

There are times when your duct cleaning and you need a Good solid industrial vacuum is needed for contact surface cleaning of the ducts as well as having a good vacuum around to clean the surrounding work areas when you get the area dirty from lifting ceiling tiles etc .

20′ Forward Skip Line with Machined Aluminum Ball

Nylon tubing for the right mix of maximum flexibility and rigidity

25‘ Reverse Skip Line with Machined Aluminum Ball

Blue Heavy duty tubing for maximum flexibility.

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