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Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Cube Vac System

The suction of a duct truck at a fraction of the cost.

World’s greatest Duct Cleaning equipment just got better, check out our new High powered “Cube Van Vac system” designed for Trailers and Box trucks. A vac system that is so powerful it competes in the same league as regular duct cleaning trucks while being far less expensive to buy and operate.

Revolution Hybrid Duct Vacuum

The Revolution Hybrid, it’s no ordinary portable duct cleaning vacuum, the power of a Duct Truck with all the benefits of a portable system.

Yes you will find other vacuum units that cost less, but be careful what you are willing to sacrifice to save a few bucks, after a little investigating you’ll probably find the cheaper units weigh a lot more meaning you will always need extra labor and have half the suction meaning it will take longer and at the end of the day end up costing you far more.