Back to Basics with the Base Cam

When it comes to duct cleaning, reliability is a key factor in every piece of equipment. That’s why our upgraded Basic Inspection Camera is the perfect fit for ANY American duct cleaning business. Affordable, reliable and easy to use above and beyond any other option out there when it comes to inspection cameras. The Base Cam comes with a black sturdy toolbox that houses the entire BIC along with every accessory needed to get the job done.

The NEW Base Cam has upgraded many features compared to our old Basic Inspection camera that allows every duct cleaner to Clean, See & Impress in a new & easy way. Better and brighter 4 level LED lights are now much easier to use so you can see every dirty corner in those dark ducts. Complete with a keyboard, wind-up wheel and cord guide these are only a few of the new additions to the BIC that gives every duct cleaner the edge they need to get ahead of the competition.

We all know it can be tough to find a quality product in the USA. With cheap options that break after several jobs, or overpriced camera kits that overcomplicate the process of any simple task. Our Base Cam is not only affordable, but reliable, easy to use and sold by duct cleaners for duct cleaners. See, Clean & Impress with the Base Cam by Hypervac. Americas Leading Duct Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer


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