Various hvac filters

Don’t get caught in the trap.

January 13, 2014 by Jim Thomson - No Comments

You will find other vac units that cost less, but be careful, what you are willing to sacrifice to save.

After a little investigating you’ll probably find the cheaper units weigh a lot more meaning you will always need extra labor, have half the suction meaning it will take longer and at the end of the day end up costing you far more. Also take into account, the real cost to replace filters for your vac, we call it the “Printer trap” you know how you can buy a printer for $39 bucks then spend $110 on ink the next time you need a refill ? and to add even more insult the ink cartridge only lasts a few pages.

The cheaper units use much lower quality filtration systems that usually have to be replaced far sooner, you will constantly be replacing expensive filter banks as well as paying more to the courier who delivers every month. Many of our clients that have switched to the Revolution vacuums have saved $1000’s in filter costs.