Duct Truck air compressor

Compressor on the H1 & H2 Duct Truck

When it comes to air compressors, this is a bit of a loaded subject because everyone has their own preference and brand for air compressors. We’ve chosen to use Castair compressors for a number of reasons. If you have a specific brand of air compressor you want to use, we’ll put it in there, it doesn’t matter to us. My personal preference, I love Quincy compressors, but I don’t love the price, and thats why we don’t use them, because they have just gotten so expensive lately. So we switched over to Castairs, and there’s a lot of different versions – we like this one because it’s a four piston head and it runs at very very low rpms, and low rpms means less heat and less problems, and in terms of performance, this Castair compressor is 43 CFM @ 175 psi, 30 Gallon tank.


It’s a two stage unit and this is a 20 hp Honda engine – this is one of the largest engines Honda makes, so you’ve got this massive force driving that massive head, and the beautiful part is this thing is 43 CFM, if you compare that to a Quincy 325, they are 18 CFM @ 175 psi, and a Quincy 370 (their big compressor) is 50 CFM @ 175 psi, so this Castair compressor is right between a Quincy 340 and a Quincy 370, in terms of performance, but it’s a third to half of the cost. This Castair is what we call a 10-15 year compressor, so when it finally does wear out 15 years from now, you throw in a new one and you’ve still spent less than buying a Quincy. So Castair, we are very happy them, plus the people that build these are great people. It’s made down in Minnesota and if there is ever a question or a problem, just pick up the phone and call Pat or Clint and they will get you going instantly. So that’s why we use Castair Compressors.

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