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  • The Pros of an Aluminum Duct Truck

    Have you ever worried about the strength of your equipment when on an important duct cleaning job? Everybody worries if the equipment they rely on daily is up to the challenge of being that long lasting reliable machine. With the H1 Duct Truck from Hypervac, that worry no longer becomes an issue. An aluminum body […]

  • The Easy Clean Out Bin

    The old way of disposing dust and debris from your air duct cleaning equipment after a job is OVER. With Hypervac’s easy clean out bin, you no longer have to worry about rust, dust and long dirty clean-ups. The easy clean out bin is as easy as ever to take out and put back in […]

  • On the Job Training

    Air Duct Cleaning Training is run by Charles Ellison, and he is one of the best resources for air duct cleaners. Charles created Air Duct Cleaning Training because he cares about air duct cleaning entrepreneurs. He has met countless aspiring duct cleaning entrepreneurs over the years and always noticed a sense of uncertainty on their faces as they look to […]

  • Hypervac Technologies Marks a New Milestone with its H1 duct truck

    Hypervac Technologies Marks a New Milestone with its H1 duct truck

    Celebrating its 250 truck of the line, each truck custom built and made to order, it hasn’t been easy, and it was a little rocky of the start but changing the industry was never going to be a simple task. Coming from a 40 Year long history of doing residential and large commercial HVAC cleaning […]

  • Chassis on the H2 Duct Truck

    Chassis on the H2 Duct Truck

    In terms of the H2 and the chassis it sits on – they each have their pros and cons. A lot of guys still like the old traditional 1 ton duallys for the look – you really don’t need it anymore though, you can actually go with the 1 ton with single wheels on the […]

  • Starting the H1 & H2 Vacuum Engine

    From the control box, it’s very simple: you turn the key, it kicks on your fans, turn it a little farther and it starts it. If you can start a lawn mower, or a car, you can start this vacuum. It’s very simple, especially with the electronic fuel injection there’s not even a choke to […]