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  • History of Duct Cleaning

    History of Duct Cleaning

    One of the first furnace designs was called a gravity furnace, which used a simple burner with metal housing around it and large ducts that worked on the basis of hot air rising. These old gravity furnaces worked great in the sense that there was no moving parts but used copious amounts of fuel and […]

  • What is Duct Cleaning and why should I get it done?

    What is Duct Cleaning and why should I get it done?

    Usually, duct cleaning services consist of a thorough cleaning of your furnace and HVAC system. If you think of your ducts as a tree, the furnace is like the trunk, with large branches coming off (main trunk lines) and smaller branches (ducts) leading to your vents. The dust that is circulating through your home can […]

  • The Core Product Line of Hypervac

    The Core Product Line of Hypervac

    The core products of Hypervac represent a wide variety of revolutionary breakthroughs in the duct cleaning industry. From the lightweight build style and NON-PTO of the H1, to the power and portability of the Revolution Hybrid. These products come together to combine the dream team tool lineup for any duct cleaning business. Whether you are […]

  • Back to Basics with the Base Cam

    When it comes to duct cleaning, reliability is a key factor in every piece of equipment. That’s why our upgraded Basic Inspection Camera is the perfect fit for ANY American duct cleaning business. Affordable, reliable and easy to use above and beyond any other option out there when it comes to inspection cameras. The Base […]

  • A new way to See, Clean & Impress in Duct Cleaning

    A new way to See, Clean & Impress in Duct Cleaning

    After years of service in the Hypervac Duct Equipment arsenal, The Cobraview camera system has finally been updated. During typical duct jobs, the average customer tends to trust the word of every major duct cleaning business once the job is complete. With the Cobraview camera system, seeing is believing when any American duct cleaning business […]

  • The Pros of an Aluminum Duct Truck

    Have you ever worried about the strength of your equipment when on an important duct cleaning job? Everybody worries if the equipment they rely on daily is up to the challenge of being that long lasting reliable machine. With the H1 Duct Truck from Hypervac, that worry no longer becomes an issue. An aluminum body […]