Fuel Tank on the H1 & H2 Duct Truck

August 19, 2016 by Jim Thomson - No Comments

Behind the engine bay, we’ve got an independent fuel tank that runs separate from the truck. We used to run both engines off the main fuel tank but changed it to its own independent fuel tank in the back. The fuel tank holds 80 Liters of gas and the reason we made it this size is so that it runs out of fuel at the same time your truck runs out of fuel, so instead of going to the gas station more than usual, you are just filling up two tanks when you get there. The reason we did that is in order to run the other two engines (HAVAC Vacuum and Compressor) off of the trucks fuel tank, it meant that we had to T-Off, run a bunch of valves and fuel pumps, and it was an extra layer of complication that we wanted to avoid, because the whole purpose of the H1/H2 Duct Truck was to make the system as reliable as we can, to get away from the PTO and the unreliability of that aspect, so this is why it has its own independent fuel tank, and it’s just parked in the back.

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