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H1 and H2 Separated Compressor

On the H1 and H2 Duct Truck, your compressor and vacuum motor are separated. We have had misunderstandings with customers about this choice because of the two engines that can potentially break down, but in reality this set up is a lot simpler.

Separate Compressor 2
During construction, the separated compressor and HAVAC system can be seen clearly

There is so much dryer vent cleaning in modern duct cleaning, and there are so many times where all you need is your air compressor. We’ve heard many times about people having to turn on their entire vacuum system just to get air pressure. Some of these duct cleaners have gone 1-2 weeks on a job just doing dryer vents and that whole time they ran their vacuum without any hose hooked up to it just to get their air pressure going.

Dryer Vent
Cleaning Dryer Vents often only need the air compressor to finish the job

It doesn’t make sense anymore – so now you just run the compressor when you need it, and you just run the vacuum when you need it. And in modern duct cleaning a lot of times you’re actually pulling your portable vacuum out because you are doing commercial (or there’s just no way you can get enough hose to the furnace) – so now you’ve got your compressor that you just run with your portable, saving you a tremendous amount of money because you are just running exactly what you need.

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment
Separating the compressor from the truck vacuum allows for more flexibility, especially when you need to use the portable vacuum for hard to reach jobs.

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