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The Storage Bay on the H1 and H2 Duct Truck

Here at Hypervac Technologies, we know how important storage is to air duct cleaning companies. You can see a slide out cargo bed below, which is kind of a luxury item, we don’t normally make it on a lot of trucks. It can slide out so that you don’t have to get into your truck to grab your stuff out.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Equipment
Slide Out Cargo Bed from the drivers side, still accessible but the bed slides out on the passengers side (not from this side). Keep humidifiers, portable vacuums, tools and other air duct cleaning equipment here for easy access.
Duct Cleaning Equipment for Professionals
The cargo bed sliding out on the passengers side of the duct truck.

The 12 foot long truck box has a 2 foot storage bay, which is dedicated storage, you don’t have to share that with your engine bay at all. If you go up to a 14 feet long truck box, it has a 4 foot storage bay.

H2 Duct Truck 14 ft
The 14 ft Version of the H2 Duct Truck has a 4 ft storage bay at the front.

Typically we just do a simple plywood shelf – if you want fancy shelving to hold your chemicals and your furnace filters etc, let us know, sometimes we will build custom shelving depending on how busy we are.

Slide Out Cargo Bed H1 Duct Truck
This Slide Out Cargo Bed has been custom designed by Hypervac to hold the customers most essential duct cleaning equipment such as their scorpion whip kits, electric portable vacuums, furnace filters, chemicals etc.

We recommend a simple plywood shelf and then you just build out whatever suits your needs once you get the truck delivered.

One of the most critical things that we heard back from all of our customers was that a good portable is becoming a really important part of the duct cleaning job because there are times when you don’t have enough hose to get to the furnace, so we incorporate that, mandatory into every truck we build, there’s always going to be a spot for a portable in the front. And of course we use our own Hypervac Hybrid Portable. In every single truck there is always room for a portable.

Duct Cleaning Equipment for Professionals
This is an older H1 Model with a Hybrid on a slide out cargo bed. We always build our duct trucks with portable vacuums in mind. The newer version of the H1 has all the features of the H2, including the changes in roof design, bag door opening, bumper design change, control panel updates etc.

Also note, that along with the mandatory storage space for a portable vacuum in our duct truck design, we also allow for the flexibility of the air compressor to run separate from the gas powered HAVAC vacuum. This means that when you need to use your portable vacuum, you have the air compressor running separate, which will save you gas money as well as making it better for dryer vent jobs. To learn more about the compressor running separate from the HAVAC system, view this video.

To learn more about the H1 and H2 Duct Trucks, or any of our other professional air duct cleaning equipment, visit our Youtube Channel and be sure to subscribe for the latest videos.


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